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About Us

About Agemark

Agemark is family-owned and operated, a characteristic that truly makes us proud. The strongest family attributes are evident in our communities – relationships, laughter, love, compassion and much more. Like any family, we celebrate good times, and are there for each other in times of trouble or sadness. We aim to change lives together – for residents, coworkers and everyone we come into contact with at our communities! 

Since 1987, we’ve served seniors by providing the type of care we’d want for our own families. We’ve helped thousands of individuals by providing a loving, caring and safe community that’s the next best thing (or sometimes even better) than home. We’ve grown our reach from coast to coast, with communities in Maryland, Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska, California and Washington State.  

We prioritize the four dimensions of wellness for all people in our care – physical, intellectual, social and spiritual. Our wellness philosophy, LifeCycles, was created in-house and recognizes the higher needs that each individual shares – to feel valued, have a sense of belonging, to make decisions about their own lives and to find meaning and purpose. We believe that seniors should be connected to the communities at-large outside the walls of our buildings and look to encourage ways for those in our care to live their best, most fulfilling lives.  

At Agemark. communities, we look to Change Lives…Together! Whether it’s creating joy for a resident, a family member or a fellow coworker, we encourage going above and beyond for others. Our employees are everyday heroes! We work to select the best to work in our communities and look for individuals that embody our values of professionalism, integrity, commitment and compassion, as these traits are held by the most successful of our team.